Membership and Billing (FAQ)

Billing Terms and Conditions

This page covers conditions of use, conditions of membership and frequently asked questions for our products and services (e.g. billing, payments, notifications, office space, co-working communities like iCentral, etc).

1. Membership

  1. Membership is subject to approval. You must go through a curation interview process. This is particularly important if you are applying for the student or hardship postings or have a large team). Final decision is ours, you can assist by seeking a referral from existing members and being one of the types of founders or ecosystem enablers we want to help develop.
  2. We set and maintain high standards because we are trying to be the best and expect the same from you. We may terminate your membership at any time. Membership is for professional tech startup entrepreneurs, behaviour expectations are similarly professional.
  3. We help develop a globally competitive tech startup ecosystem based on peer learning and support between founders developing global products for large growing and global markets.

2. Finance

  1. Check our preferred payment method for your country.
  2. We invoice monthly in advance for most types of plans unless otherwise stated.
  3. Amounts in USD unless otherwise stated.
  4. No refunds.
  5. You must stay prepaid at least 30 days in advance or your membership is terminated. This helps our cash flow which help us keep prices low for you. Prepayment also helps reduce admin and additional payment costs.
  6. Membership ends whenever you wish. Notice via email please. 30+ days notice or payment in lieu is required.

3. Products Including Curated Coworking Community

  1. You are expected to read and abide by our published zones for considerate co-working.
  2. Our first invoice for usually covers issuing access card, issuing locker key, account setup, first months membership plus deposit. It is normally equal to two or three months membership depending on the plan and your trading history with us.
  3. We are building a professional, hyper connected peer learning community. We don’t just rent desks by the week but you are welcome to come in and have a look around, details on the events, contact & FAQ pages.
  4. After the first invoice, we only ask that you keep your account 30+ days pre-paid in advance or membership and access card will auto cancel on next monthly anniversary date.

4. Processes Are Standardised For Your Benefit

  1. Processes are standardised and automated (or self-service) where possible to keep our costs down so you costs are lower, we aim to be the best value for space, most hyper connected community & have the most effective services (many of which are volunteer operated).
  2. You agree to apply best endeavours to use self service channels or crowd service channels and follow standard processes where ever possible – for the benefit of all members.
  3. Membership commences on the 48 hours from receipt of payment or on collecting your access card which ever is the earlier.
  4. Pre-paid offers are only valid within normal invoice payment terms. If you pay after the due date and there has been a price increase you will not receive the old price.
  5. Because our first invoice often covers your first two or three months membership and we usually invoice monthly thereafter, some people get confused because they are being asked to pay for their next (e.g. third or fourth)  month at the end of their first month. Even once you allow for our requirement that you stay 30+ days pre-paid in advance, this still means we are asking early. We invoice early deliberately because some people want to help our cash flow and this helps us help you with lower prices; and other people want the price certainty or even prefer to pay early (e.g. at end of one financial year and the beginning of the next financial year).

5. Changes & Adjustments

  1. If you change your plan it will usually take effect at the end of the current month (based on joining anniversary, note this is not a calendar month and may be in the next calendar month) or the end of the period you have pre-paid up to, whichever is later.
  2. These are the normal processes, we may vary in rare cases that have been notified in in writing (typically via email).
  3. We may ask you to move desks at any time, this is rare and we will normally we will try to give you suitable notice in advance or ensure moves are near break times such as lunchtime or close of business.

6. Compliance

  1. Term may be amended at any time and will normally be notified by one or more of our normal contact channels.
  2. You agree to observe and comply with all these terms (including those community norms you are informed about via online or other means from time to time) and all laws applicable in the jurisdictions of operational beyond the benefit of the doubt and you agree to apply best practice compliance to your consumption of the services and use of our products and facilities to the benefit of our community including but not limited to – information privacy and security, occupational health and safety, general compliance, fire safety, community security and protection of our reputation in the community.

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