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iCentral.Co usually host these regular events,  they are on rain or shine, last minute changes are normally notified on social media, you can follow us via the contact us page.

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays Tech LUNCH: Tue and Thu for developer/hacker members and their guests and visitors. Same deal as wed except focus is tools/techniques/technology. Thursdays
  • Wednesdays WELOT: Wed Entrepreneurs Lunch Open Table for members and their guests and visitors. BYO sandwiches. We have a excellent quality speaker most weeks.
  • Fridays
    • Big pitch nights the last Friday of each month – these normally start with pitching by 8 or 10 companies and talks around 3:00 for 3:30 and continue on into the evening including beers, pizza, guest judges from successful startups, angel/VC investor, education or government.
    • Practice pitch nights and casual beers on most other Fridays
    • Open house for inspection by new members/prospects and networking most Fridays at 3pm (contact us or one of our members to join in or chose a plan and apply then meet in the lobby at 3pm for escort through security)
  • Most Days & Nights
    • There are often informal discussions, meet-ups and debates happening in the common kitchen area, the auditorium or the classrooms and various indoor and outdoor meeting spaces with whiteboards and projectors with lots of scribbling ideas and diagrams on the 70+ glass windows that run around the space floor to ceiling. Come and join in!
      Examples include Product Hunt; All Things API; Founder Institute; Design thinking Meetup; Tech talks; Angel Investors; Advisers; Talks by founders etc.

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