Master List of Lists: The Tech Startup Ecosystem by The Start Society

Startup Ecosystem by StartSoc

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This list is all about getting connected to the ecosystem fast. It will help you find your way around.

We can’t be the biggest but we can be the best connected (and the most diverse).
– Pete Cooper – Founder of  The Start Society

Introduction To The Ecosystem List

This curated list of tech startup ecosystem participants is maintained by StartSoc as a complementary service for members to get connected and navigate the growing world of startups. The list is one of many resources provided by StartSoc.

It takes an ecosystem to raise an innovative tech startup and it takes innovative tech startups to raise the economy.
– Pete Cooper again 

This list will never be finished but please help us keep it as up to date as possible. If you would like to make a submission for inclusion in these lists please contact us or even better please comment at the end of the deep dive page for the correct list.

Tech Startup Ecosystem Master List of Lists

Each of these lists is a being developed as a deep dive into the category structured appropriately to the content.

These lists are in early draft –

These lists are still in development –

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