Current Locations for iCentral Coworking by The Start Society

By nature of our social impact vision, our volunteer base and charity-like pricing we are always seeking extremely well located and extremely cost effective properties to operate.

  1. iCentral Yangon Midtown (Bahan) Pearl Condo Tower D Level 4.
  2. iCentral Singapore – planning stage
  3. iCentral Haymarket Sydney – planning
  4. iCentral Wellington NZ – long term plans
  5. iCentral Singapore – long term plans
  6. iCentral Jakarta – long term plans
  7. iCentral Kuala Lumpur – long term plans
  8. iCentral Townhall Sydney – temporarily closed due to building refurbishment
  9. iCentral Phillip St Sydney – cancelled due to redevelopment
  10. iCentral Pitt St Sydney – cancelled due to lease increase
  11. iCentral Elizabeth St Sydney – cancelled due to lease increase
  12. iCentral St Leonards Sydney – cancelled due to building redevelopment
  13. iCentral Melbourne – long term plans
  14. iCentral Brisbane – long term plans
  15. iCentral Perth – long term plans
  16. Affiliate locations

Please note that each location that has a local government with a tech startup ecosystem action plan or strategy document or digital strategy draft receives higher priority.

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Other Regional Centres


  • Affiliate application in progress


  • Bega Valley, Sapphire Coast, Merimbula, Tathra,  and greater areas.
  • Suggested rename to Sapphire Circle to align local stakeholders
  • Pilot site for succesful regional startup weekends
  • Bellwether seat in Australian and New South Wales politics
  • Mid way between Australia’s two largest economies (Sydney & Melbourne)
  • Relatively small and remote area with diary, tourism, timber, retirees
  • Affiliate application in progress


  • Affiliate application in progress


  • Affiliate application in progress

Gold Coast

  • Activation program in planning

Newcastle #newystartups

  • Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley
  • 7th largest economy in Australia
  • Affiliate application and activation program in progress.

Wagga Wagga

  • Affiliate application in progress

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