Micro Communities

Micro Communities of Interest

What do we have in common? How do we scale education? How do we focus peer learning between members?

The Start Society is constantly developing a series of groups to facilitate connections between professionals in varying niche areas, some of these so called niches are small and rare, others are actually very large, well known and popular. They vary over time and commonly use hashtags, meetup, eventbrite or other tools for co-ordination.

The key long term metric of community success is not merely size, speed or sophistication. Peer learning and hyper-connected Micro Communities of Interest have greater and more resilient wealth and social impact when they are managed by a curated group in an enduring, decentralised, scalable, interdependent manner.

– Pete Cooper, Founder of The Start Society.

You can start to get connected by joining us or by exploring the ecosystem, you may like to consider starting with the industry verticals section.

General Tech Startup (Entrepreneurs and Enablers)

Technology Groups (samples)

Industry Verticals (sample hashtags)

Geographically Defined Segments

Need More?


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