Sports Technology Industry Vertical

The SportsTech hashtag #sportstech is used on social media like Twitter to identify and group information on tech startups in the broader sports, health and wellness industries and the like.

Industry Vertical Company Examples

  • Catapult Sports.com – IoT sensor harness wore by professional sports people and analytics cloud. Based in Melbourne. Founder is Adir Shiffman.
  • ConnectGolf.com – Golf course booking and amateur organising software as a service based in Sydney @iCentralCo. Founder is Jeremy White.
  • SportsCourts.com – Tennis and other court bookings service based in Sydney @iCentralCo and Brisbane @RiverCityLabs. Founder is Michael Davidson
  • TidyClub.com – Club administration system based in Perth/Melbourne. Founder is Isaac Drury.
  • Others in sports performance, video and triathlons to be added.

Industry News Examples

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