Deals For University Students

The Start Society is usually well located to offer space to adult students depending on the country. We try to chose all our locations based on major transport routes or proximity to universities and adult colleges.

Final Year Students

We offer 25% discount for students (and up to 50% discount for hardship cases) on membership for the first three months for approved final year graduates in computing science and approved STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and entrepreneurial or innovation courses. Post grads too.

Other Students

University students in non-final years will receive a 25% discount for the first three months for approved undergrads subject to some further conditions below.

  • Under grads in first year will only be considered if they have completed a startup weekend, learn startup machine weekend, startup social (social impact) , project pitch or similar immersive course or equivalent work in a startup or accelerator program.
  • Undergrads in second year or later are encouraged (but not required) to have also completed similar part-time involvement in the ecosystem as first years (above).

The Fine Print

  1. All student discounts apply to casual plans only. Our other plans are either not relevant for students or they are already seriously cheap.
  2. We do not currently offer deals for other types of students.
  3. These discounts apply to tech startups run by university student founders (at least one equal co-founder).
  4. These discounts do not apply to funded startups run by non-students who have student employees.
  5. Non-funded startups with student early employees may apply and will be considered on merit.

Please provide details of your team when applying.

Uni Students

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