So what is WELOT?

Wednesday Entrepreneurs Lunch! The lunches are Open (so bring a tech entrepreneur startup mate) and Tech centric (we focus on tech startups).

WE LOT is a casual get together for like minded people hosted at iCentralCo by StartSoc and is normally BYO. If we have a speaker it is normally promoted on our web and social channels otherwise the focus is just peer learning from other tech entrepreneurs.

Lunch is normally about 30-100 tech startup entrepreneurs, very casual and we have had a long list of awesome entrepreneurs and leaders as speakers.

We have speakers most weeks but not every week (so there is more time for networking) but as a guide roughly 2 or 3 each month feature a speaker and the rest don’t.  Even the lunches with speakers usually allow time for networking at the end (after Q&A -question and answer sessions – or  also known as AMA – ask me anything format sessions which is most popular).

Lunch is normally BYO, grab a sandwich or takeaway from across the road and meet in the foyer between 12:00 and 12:30 for escort through security. We usually sit in the big common area kitchen or the auditorium depending on the crowd on the day.

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