Lost Property, Access Cards, Keys and Fobs

Lost Access Key Cards

If you are a member of one of our spaces and have lost your access card or similar security device or forgotten your PIN/password please contact us and we can issue another one.

If you find your card again after reporting it lost,  we will normally have already been disabled it, this is done remotely by our security team. It is no longer of any use to you so please return it by post, make sure you include your sender details on the back of the envelope.

Security cards are for your personal use only and are not transferable. See our FAQ for more details.

Lost Property

We normally store lost property for a while in a dedicated space unless it looks like rubbish in which case it is disposed of immediately.

Best process is to ask a local member to check the local chat forums for the location you were visiting as all locations have slightly different procedures.

All lost property is eventually sold (or donated to charity) and proceeds go to StartSoc or a member nominated charity.

If you are not sure and have lost property please contact us urgently.

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